Size and interior design

The diagram shows an example of the layout of a 7m diameter dome.

With a useful surface of 55m2 for a height of 4.5m, we find: a living room (size for 2 beds, a kitchen equipped with a bar with 4 places and central fire, a large dry toilet with sink, a large shower with separate sink and a mezzanine bedroom This dome is perfect for a family of 4.

Some examples of the interior design


We recommend:

- The 4m diamètre  (hight of 2,5m) for a room with a saloon,

- The 5,5m diamètre (hight of 3,2m) for a dome with a saloon, small toilet and bathroom and a low mezzanine room,

- The 7m diamètre (hight of 4,5m): for a dome with a saloon, kitchen, big toilet and separate bathroom and a big mezzanine room.