Ways to cover

1. Insulation :

1.1 Earth 's insulation

1.2 Hemp's insulation

1.3 Without insulation


Earth is well known for its insulating abilities. As needed, a 20 to 30 cm layer of a cob mixture is applied to a bamboo mesh attached to the dome.


We use 20cm thick lime-hemp blocks distributed like igloos. These blocks fit together without cement; which allows them to be recovered when needed (because they are quite expensive).


Small domes do not always have to be insulated. Indeed, they will be quickly at temperature by their glazing or by small auxiliary heaters.

2. Finish

2.1 Glass 's finish


Glass makes it possible to create magnificent glass roofs to make the most of natural light and increase the greenhouse effect.

2.2 Cement's finish


A real waterproof hydro cement shell covers all our unglazed part of our domes. Like a skin, it completely insulates from the rain and can be easily removed in the event of disassembly.