Ecological Transition

BioTerra is very conscious of the urgent need to start a big shift in our way to live and to consume. This is NOT a problem; most people has already shown the need of a necessary ecological transition by changing their habits.


At BioTerra we are encouraging them by sharing our experience also: 

- Easy, eco and modern self construction housing without being strangle with huge debts

(that is the main objectif on this website),

- Revolutionary agriculture based on Permaculture on mounds (see after),

- Many techniques of self & group realizations through Collective Intelligence (DonKeyChat web- plateforme), Energetic Healing,  Art Development, Woofing, Work-away and so... (please ask for more info).

BioTerra  is strongly encouraging the shift to another type of agriculture.

Our actual agriculture is based on hyper productive farms supported by heavy capital infrastructure, chemical products and seed's industry.

As a result, the quality of the soil and the biodiversity of our lands have never been so poor, lifeless and stressed with few qualitative production compared to permaculture of agro-foresterie principles.

So, changes are inevitable. BioTerra recommends :

-    the plantation of full vegetable gardens following the permaculture on mounds and 

     agro-foresterie with a return of the man's workforces  

-    the creation of mixed land: new forest, vegetable gardens and housing. 

Permaculture on mounds

A revolution is coming !

We simply have to follow what our mother nature do best : to grow stuff.

With the permaculture on mounds as described in the film by Filip Forrer, it clearly shows that agriculture based on covering the lands (instead of working it) generates much better qualitative and quantitative crops.


By watching the following video, you can imagine this potential revolution !( ),


The compensation of our actual CO2 emission are part of the responsibility we should all endure. By warming our houses, driving big cars, taking planes or eating international food , we can't avoid to admit a certain carbon print...


We share a link of a great company that plants trees on various areas. Let encourage them !

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