Doors, hatches and windows

Various possibilities


... and ideas already proven!


1. For domes on pillars or built in trees, create access via a removable hatch located under a hinged floor;


2. For the domes on a screed, make a cap above the door. This protects against runoff inside (be careful to reinforce the structure).


3. Encase fixed windows in a triangular aluminum structure (simple to make and aesthetically better finished than windows glued to wood).

4. For opening windows, we recommend frames placed vertically or the use of "Velux" type windows (waterproof in oblique position).

5. There is a handy mechanism for automatically opening windows. Depending on the temperature inside the dome, they will open and close without electricity (by expansion of an oil piston).

6. It is advisable to use double glazing in general: better thermal and acoustic insulation and finally better sealing with the aluminum structure used.

The possibilities of arranging windows and accesses make the dome a very practical object with multiple configurations ...