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Humanity needs to reduce sharply its CO2 emissions but

further than massively planting trees, we have here an unique opportunity 

to shift to another way of life!

Which one ? 

We believe that it is through the development of ecosystems 
with both individual & communal objectives, that we will achieve
to realize those amazing transitions.

As owner of land or properties, this message is maybe for you (in french)

How to make plant, what to eat?

Where to live, what to build?

How to decide together?


Trees & cultures

Mixture of agroforestry and vegetable gardens


Personal & shared

Natural personal and communal spaces 

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Best governance for best

decisions making

  With Bioterra, our mission is to structure green common habitat :

  Its means:

  • 1/ Collect properties,

  • 2/ Analyse their potential,

  • 3/ Make all designs & architectures,

  • 4/ Introduce permits,

  • 5/ Help in the construction by providing plans and techniques,

  • 6/ Propose a tool for decision making in groups (web application), 

  • 7/ Provide techniques for permaculture & agroforestry,

  • 8/ Share best food recepies & techniques for conservation,

  • 9/ Organise travel between entities,

  • 10/ Assure profitability and sustain best communal spirit.

 Practically :

   It is with pride that together, investors, partners and the whole team, for eleven years, we have       

  already set up:


  • Creation of an international non profit organization called "Bioterra international ",

  • Collect and realize "best-in-class" ecological houses in Morocco or Belgium,

  • Made the effective acquisition of multiple plots (10 hectares in Costa Rica,13 hectares in Morocco) to test multiples farming techniques and volunteer woofing programs,

  • Launching of a social and societal laboratory in Belgium with multiple collaborative activities,

  • Setting of urban vegetable gardens and hydroponic crops in close collaboration with a team of market gardeners in Belgium,

  • Create an communal ecolodge in Morocco to increase our knowledge regarding  best practice of hotel's management,

  • Develop a collective intelligence application (Donkeys) for decision-making in groups,

  • 22 years of experience in catering with the development of a network of 20 pastries or 150 people workshop-boutiques with "les Tartes Françoise".


  What remains to be done?


    Do the values ​​of Bioterra resonate with you? Get on board!


  • With our team of architects, permaculture farmers and specialist of participative governance, it the perfect moment to multiply this project on arable land or in the reassignment of unused properties.

  • Support in marketing:

    • we need ambassadors to communicate, find out owners of land, investors or people willing to jump in this adventure:

      • ​Presentation brochure for SRI (Social Responsible Investment) for investment funds,

      • Feed and share our website with structuring and useful information,

      • Lobbying with public authorities with the search for various grants.

      • Etc.

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy.” Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

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