Geodesic dome builder

For more than 7 years, Bioterra has been active in the construction and design of geodesic domes in Belgium and Morocco.

The Bioterra adventure was born from an ecological awareness during which a change in our lifestyles appeared to us as an urgent necessity.


We then started to think about new ways of life and this is how the notion of grouped habitat appeared to us as an interesting line of thought to be explored further.
In this vein, we wondered what could be the type of "ideal" structure in order to best respond to this vision of grouped habitat.

Our choice fell on the geodesic dome for several reasons...

The advantages of the geodesic dome


  • Their sustainability: Thanks to their shape, the domes allow great adaptability and high resistance to all kinds of climates and terrains.
    This construction requires very little maintenance


  • Their economical and easy to build sides: mainly local materials (wood, earth, hemp, glass), without compulsory foundations, in self-construction (2 to 3 working weeks maximum at 2 for the structure) and relocatable when needed (95% of the dome is recoverable)


  • Their ecological side, modern and infinite sizes: many possibilities of very trendy layout, assembly of different domes, luminous by its numerous windows, perfect acoustics, easy to heat thanks to its reduced volume, possibilities of heating by large windows and very low impact on the environment (little cement, ecological materials)

  • Their free assignment of a geodesic dome, this one appeared to us as then appeared as an ideal format making it possible to tend towards this ideal. A geodesic dome is basically a neutral space where your projects can take shape.


Our goal today is to support you in the realization of your geodesic dome acquisition project


Our offer

We propose you:

  • Either complete the design of your dome by delivering one of our two turnkey models

  • Either assist you in carrying it out by providing you with the equipment or expertise necessary to guide you in your project

Turnkey formula... Made by us:

  • The "turnkey" formula of our standard dome is available in 2 formats:

    • 5m in diameter corresponding to a useful floor area of ​​20m2.

    • 7m in diameter corresponding to a useful surface of min 39m2 to 55m2 on the ground (with or without mezzanine)

  • The quality and durability of our domes are guaranteed thanks to our Bioterra dome covering technology and the know-how of our teams in place.

DIY formula... Made by you:

For those who wish to make their own geodesic dome but who would need any assistance (material or advice) for the realization of their project.

Thanks to its expertise, the Bioterra design office is able to provide you with the parts and advice necessary for the realization of your dome

  • Bioterra fixing stars (with or without wooden uprights)

  • Our dome covering solution (produced by us)

    • Finishing elements

    • Doors

  • Windows

  • Guide to making our domes

  • Analyzes specific to your file (soil structures, need or not foundations, orientation)

  • Regional legislation on light housing


Ultimately, whether you are a handyman or not, Bioterra is your partner for the design of your geodesic dome.

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