Who are we?

Bioterra is an international non-profit association whose purpose is to assist people into the realization of their dream like living in a cohousing project.

Why? We believe that cohousing ideally combines the ambition to achieve an urgent and necessary ecological transition while meeting the values ​​of our future based on collaboration and sharing.

As a result, for more than 7 years, we have been specializing in the design and the construction of geodesic domes (light houses) as well as the development of a collective intelligence web platform aimed at structuring ideas within groups.

The skills grouped around Bioterra are engineers, architects, financiers, political and computer scientists; we hope to bring all the seriousness to this development.

Finally, a little word on Mary Robinson' appeal : there is well a reason to wonder about our future in consideration of only this climatic aspect; but it concerns our whole way of life in fact ... It will probably happen through a loss of bearings, a modified comfort or  profound changes in our habits and in the established order, but this will be the price to pay to clearly win in quality of life  !

Aisbl BioTerra (international) - Tel  0475/55.92.63 - Mail  olivier.laffut@gmail.com - 24 Rue des Brasseurs à Châtelet  - BE 070 88 64 221