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Bioterra is a non profit organisation aiming to develop
ecosystems where man and nature can joyfully expand together.

 As an Ecological Transition Laboratory, we want to help people

to establish on agricultural land in order to create new paradises

To face the greenhouse effect and capting the CO2, we believe that planting forests is a credible solution. But it needs to do be done massively. And under the pressure of an increased value of a dead tree, we are facing some radical oppositions. Much more than planting, we will have to protect it !


Then you realize that beyond plantation, many aspects of live could be considered. Therefore, we started on a white page where, inevitably, it brought out some other crucial questions.

Where to live, what to eat?

How to live, what to build?

How to collaborate with a mix of interest?


Land's local Design

To find the best balance between planting trees, construction and cultures


Personnal or Shared?

Light Personal Construction combined with Communal infrastructures


The creation of a tool to help groups in their decision making process

Therefore, these are the reasons why we define ourselves as an economic transition laboratory.


After a period of researches, tests and various developments, we suggest the development of an agroforestry program directly followed by agro-tourism projects. It puts forward new ways to harvest and to take care of the land, to build with an eco-consciousness, and to live together through communal principle and collective intelligence. For this project, we are proud to propose a model of efficient gouvernance. 


Fields of activities:

   Our goal is to provide:

  • Assistance in the production of landscape architecture :  paths, cultivated areas, plantations, personal and communal areas, networks (water & electricity), etc.

  • Preparation of documents for local public sector (for permits) or for potential investors,

  • Technical assistance in the reflexion of best energetic solutions,

  • Assistance in the deployment of:

    • financial & human needs,

    • Support in various techniques (water or electricity) and autonomy,

    • Principle of permaculture or other cultivation,

    • Various plans of construction of removable and ecological houses,

  • A web application to enhance collective intelligence, 

  • A website to gather and to share relevant information concerning the improvement of our model (new technique, recipes, suppliers, and so on).

 Practically :


 What has already been done?

   It is with pride that together, investors, partners and the whole team, for eleven years, we have       

  already set up:


  • Creation of an international non profit organization called "Bioterra international ",

  • Design and the realization of several removable houses in earth, wood or aluminium in Morocco or Belgium,

  • Effective acquisition of two pilot's plots: 10 hectares in Costa Rica,13 hectares in Morocco,  

  • Develop a farm on the land in Morocco with a "wwoofers" (cf wwoof organisation),

  • Launching of a social and societal laboratory in Belgium with multiple collaborative activities,

  • Setting of urban vegetable gardens and hydroponic crops in close collaboration with a team of market gardeners in Belgium,

  • 7 years of running an ecolodge in Morocco to increase our knowledge regarding  best practice of hotel's management,

  • Development of a collective intelligence application (Donkeys) for decision-making in groups

  • 22 years of experience in catering with the development of a network of 20 pastries or 150 people workshop-boutiques.


  What remains to be done?


    Do the values ​​of Bioterra resonate with you? Get on board!


  • Effective establishment of an office,

  • Establishment of a team of people ready to gather demands, make analyses, work with architect and to prepare all useful documents,

  • Support in marketing:

    • we need ambassadors to find out owners of land, investors or people willing to jump in this adventure:

      • ​Presentation brochure for SRI (Social Responsible Investment) type investment funds,

      • Improvment of Bioterra website and intranet for collecting, structuring and sharing useful information,

      • Lobbying with public authorities with the search for various grants.

      • Etc.

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy.” Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

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