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Who are we?

Convinced by the absolute necessity of maintaining or restoring biodiversity, we work with the objective of achieving it through human means. 

We are engineers, architects, bankers, politic scientists, carpenters, parliamentary around this project.


Interest of new ways of living ... Please contact us !

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           Vision - Mission - Values

Our vision:

We want to leave a better world with aware, careful and responsible actors. For this, we are a little more creator of sustainable paradises every day through the restoration of virtuous biotopes.

Our mission:

Set up participatory eco-villages on arable land to be reforested and cultivated following permaculture principles.


Our values:

Collaboration: “because it is together that we will succeed”,

Autonomy: “everyone is responsible for his choices”,

Respect: “when individual freedom agrees with that of the group”,

Creativity: “because everything is possible”,

Commitment: “these are strong choices for our destiny”.

How do we get there?

Our project covers three pillars: culture, habitat and participation.

It is through the capture of investment funds, the purchase of arable land, the monitoring of deployment, the sharing of information, operating aid and qualitative monitoring, that Bioterra will ensure the success of his assignment.


Therefore, under the cover of a solid team and structured information, Bioterra will provide programs, plans, contracts, techniques, methods, recipes, support, purchasing office, various web applications, access to forums, etc. to any investor wishing to support this type of project. 


Interested? Don't hesitate to contact us.


I show interest in your association and I'm willing to get more informations. Please contact:

+32 475 55 92 63 (WhatsApp only)

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