Keys indicators: 

Invests in :

1.560 Acres*

Plants :

235.000 Trees *

Brings together:

2.453 People*

*Informative datas

Bioterra first invest in land. It is a guarantee of financial stability for investors keen on sustainable support and virtuous projects.


We prone a perfect match between habitat, reforestation and field cultivation.

Therefore our lands undergo two phases: a pure agroforestry phase and later, an agro-tourism phase with various objectives and people.

Start with an Agroforestry program:

  • The dream team:

    • A general administrative coordinator, a local development manager, salaried workers and woofers housed in temporary accommodation. They will set up:​

      •  the water and electricity Networks,

      •  the pumping, storage and drip network on min. half of the plot,

      •  the Tillage, tree Planting, Cultivation based on permaculture principle,​

      •  the launching of a tree Nursery.


After, develop an Agro-tourism program:

  • The dream team:

    • ​A general administrative coordinator, a local development manager, a team of salaried workers, woofers and work-away people housed in permanent accommodation. They will set up:​

      • ​the construction of Habitat and Shared places,

      • the continuation of the Planting, the Cultures and the tree Nursery,

      • launching and running a Restaurant,

      • launching and running a Guest House.

Both Agroforestry and Agro-tourism programs will develop in harmony following the number of people and the deployment of each program. 

Financial benefits will be partly distributed to investors or reinvested in the land.