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Architectural landscape design is the first task to do when arriving on a virgin land.

Mix of planting fruit forest and market gardening.

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Bioterra invests in land and people. 


The land undergoes an architectural design. First of all, 50% of its surface will be reforested. After that, it is time to define where to live, what to plant, where to put the communal areas and so on ? In general, we try to fix the sleeping areas closed to the trees and the crops near to the communal facilities.  


After the design, starts two phases:

First years: an Agroforestry Program

  • With the help of gardeners, constructors and coordinator, they will set up and follow:​

    • the development works on landscapes,

    • the pumping, storage and useful drip network,

    •  the planting of tree and cultures areas based on permaculture principle, market gardening or cultivation on mounds, 

    •  the launching of a tree nursery,

    • the construction of several housing.


Two next years: an Agro-tourism Program

  • A team of general coordinator, a local development manager, gardeners, constructors, cooking chef, cleaners, woofers and work-away people will develop and manage:

    • the construction of other houses, rooms and shared places,

    • the rental of rooms or houses,

    • the continuation of cultures, 

    • the launching of the restaurant,

    • the selling of cultures and trees,

    • other activities decides by the community.  

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