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L'homme dans un champ


Permanent indicators:


Invests in :

26 Acres*

Plants :

450 Trees *

Brings together:

25 People *

*Informative datas

Bioterra first invest in land. Therefore our lands undergo a serious design. 

Thank to architect, we make a design of the land. Where to live? Where to organize the communal areas? In general, we plant trees closed to the place we sleep and the crops next to our communal facilities.  

After the design, now we can start:

Our Agroforestry program for 2 years:

  • Our dream team will be:

    • A general administrative coordinator, a local development manager, salaried workers and woofers housed in temporary accommodation.

    • They will set up:​

      •  the water and electricity networks,

      •  the pumping, storage and drip network on min. half of the plot,

      •  the Tillage, tree Planting, Cultivation based on permaculture principle,​

      •  the launching of a tree Nursery.


Our Agro-tourism program

  • Our dream team:

    • ​A general administrative coordinator, a local development manager, a team of salaried workers, woofers and work-away people housed in permanent accommodation.

    • They will set up:​

      • ​the construction of Habitat and Shared places,

      • the continuation of the Planting, the Cultures and the tree Nursery,

      • launching and running a Restaurant,

      • launching and running a Guest House.

Both Agroforestry and Agro-tourism programs will develop in harmony following the number of people and the deployment of each program. 

Financial benefits will be partly distributed to investors or reinvested in the land.  

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