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Investment in :


Financial security at first

But first, Bioterra targets financial security for his projects:

  • Investments in the land which will increase in value through time and activities,

  • Investments in recoverable equipment (pump, solar panels, etc.),

  • Design of removable quality habitats,

  • Wages limitation by working with volunteers with free food & accommodation, 

  • Rapid financial recovery through sales of vegetables, plants, catering and the sale of nights in unusual accommodation,

  • Motivated team following the fact they will be involved by the collective intelligence program.

More than financial security

Bioterra aims to limit its financial distribution to 5% of  investments:

  • It is essential to create value but on a reasonable scale,

  • We have to rethink our approach to nature by protecting it,

  • Because most financial profits have to be reinvested in lands,

  • Because most financial profits have to be invested in people by giving them the possibility to access to property (on conditions),

  • Investors, public actors and workers have to find its best equilibrium!

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