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Questions of Finances

Financial security at first

        At first, Bioterra targets financial security for his projects

  • Lands that will naturally increase in value by the project, 

  • Investments in recoverable equipment (pump, solar panels, dismantle houses, etc.),

  • Wages limitation with the concept of workers who live in"all inclusive"area, with the help of artists, volunteers, etc. like "wwoofers" or "Work-away" people,

  • Main focus on financial sustainability through agro-tourism: sales of meals (from earth to plate concept), sales of nights in unusual accommodation or sales of products like vegetables, honey, nursery of trees, craftmanship and so on.

  • Motivated team following the fact they will be involved in an advance collective decision making program.

        Example of a 10.000m2 project:                                  * Recoverable assets

        TYPE OF INVESTMENT                                                    AMOUNTS                                 IN %

     LAND                                                                 300.000€ *                       20%

     MODIFICATION                                               30.000€                            2%                  

     IRRIGATION                                                      90.000€  *                              6%

      TREES / PLANTS (spread on 2 years)              75.000€ *                         5%

     30 GUESTS  ROOMS (spread on 5 years)       500.000€ *                       34,5%

     COMMUNAL PLACES (spread on 5 years)     500.000€  *                      34,5€%


     TOTAL INVESTMENT:                                        1.495.000€ where 92% is recoverable !                 


     CONCLUSIONS: A demountable concept with limited risks (max 10% of investments)


More than financial security

       Bioterra searches for the best interest between actors

  • It is essential to create value for investors but on a reasonable scale (max 5% of return). So most of the financial profits are mainly reinvested in lands,

  • Because the primal approach is to develop and to protect nature,

  • Maintain the focus on the good balance between collective and private needs,

  • We believe in strong motivation through an good socio-economic concept,

  • And last but not least, when people believe in a efficient democratic algorithm, it boost the effects of working in well organized teams.


These are the keys to gather interests of investors, workers, clients and as well public sector for the development of sustainable projects.

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