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Financial Aspects

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Financial security at first

        Bioterra targets financial security for his projects, its means:

  • Natural Increasing value of the properties following the activities: more planted trees, more harvest with people taking care the soil and so on,

  • Investments made mostly in recoverable assets:  pumps, solar panels, dismantle houses and so on (cf. table below),

  • Wages limitation due the fact that many people work in reciprocity of food and accommodation following the "wwoofing" or "work-away" principles,

  • Focus on financial sustainability through a specific agro-tourism program: sales of meals (from earth to plate concept), sales of nights in unusual accommodation or sales of products like vegetables, nursery of trees, and so on,

  • Motivated people by the fact they will be involved in meaning's projects with the help of an advance collective decision making tool.


    SUMMARY of a 10.000m2 project:     


        TYPE OF INVESTMENT:                                  AMOUNTS:                                 

     LAND                                                                 300.000€ *                       

     ARCHITECTURE                                               30.000€                                            

     IRRIGATION                                                      90.000€  *                             

      TREES / PLANTS (spread on 2 years)              75.000€ *                        

     30 GUESTS  ROOMS (spread on 5 years)       500.000€ *                       

     COMMUNAL PLACES (spread on 5 years)     500.000€ *                      

      INITIAL WAGES                                                372.000€     


     TOTAL INVESTMENT:                                      1.867.000€ with 78% recoverable assets*                


​   Details of a 10.000m2 project: 








More than financial security...

       Bioterra searches for the best interest between actors

  • It is essential to create value for investors but on a reasonable scale (the project tends to limit of 5% cash return). So most of the financial profits are mainly reinvested in lands,

  • Because our primal approach is to develop and to protect nature,

  • Maintain the focus on the good balance between collective and private needs,

  • We believe in strong motivation through good socio, eco & economic concepts.


These are the keys to gather interests of investors, workers, clients and as well public sector for the development of sustainable projects.

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