Collective Intelligence


As magnificent as the project is, it always comes back to the essential questions about decision-making in the community.

Usually, the classic model used is that of "majority versus minority" (with either a simple 50% majority or a double 75% majority for main changes).


Unfortunately, this system has big drawbacks by a significant polarization within the group in the event of a small majority (a large part is in the opposition) or by non-advancement of decisions when the group does not reach the 75% required. What to do?

The question is difficult and yet essential ... After years of research on different forms of democracies, participations and multiple attempts to achieve it, we can propose a solution inspired by conflict management in business and based, no longer as a binary decision but on a tri phase model! What is it?

By staging the negative votes by "I am against but ..." or "I am totally against", this allows a ranking of the proposals in a pyramidal way by ranking on the top the proposals meeting the most success.

Here are presented, below, the main pages of this web-app.

The name of your network will appear instead of DonKeyChat
Logo_Donkeychat_WebApp (1).png

1. The group appoints an administrator who receives all the necessary credentials in order to create the network and invite its members. 

Each member receives an e-mail invitation and registers on the platform via a classic login procedure.

Homepage of the platform

2. Once connected to the network, you can propose ideas of improvement to the group.

Proposals defined by title, in detail and with the help of explanatory photos if necessary.

3. All the proposals will chronologically appear in the "home" after submitting.

All members are invited to vote using a 4 color codes located below each proposal.

Once the vote has been taken, a dialog box opens asking you for a comment or to make a sub-proposal if necessary.

Multiple ways to classify the results

4. In the menu "activities" (the list)  will be gathered all the results of the votes.

You can look at
 all the comments and sub-proposals and classify the results according to 3 modes: the proposals having collected the most points, those presenting the biggest differences in intentions and those with the best improvement's potential.

Possibilities of getting details of the votes
Clic for details

5. Your profile, on top of giving all the information about you, gives the results of your proposals which you can also consult in detail.

The group can bring out the most successful person as well via the plateform.