Eco Housing


We face an urgent situation because many of our habits are not sustainable. And habitat is just an example : we use too much concrete, too much space & too much energy. The climate won't be able to absorb any development based on the same principles! 



How can we mix habitat with future ?

We need both light personal & communal places.

For ourselves, we just need a small room with bathroom and a tiny kitchen.

All the rest can be shared: saloon, big kitchen, dining place, warehouse, workplaces, bar, office, etc.

Those modern places are 100% free of C02  based on light wooden structure, filled with a thin layer of coated, solar heating, wool or hemp insulation and so.


Bioterra has compiled experience in the design and the construction of various areas. Here below, we present some of realizations for groups, individual or families.

 20 to 30m2 of Geodesic Structure 


Geodesic  size 5 m  or 20 m2

  • Structure géodésique  en  mix bois  & alu minim,

  • Connecteurs inox sur mesure,

  • Isolation 10 cm en laine de chanvre,

  • Vitrage s - K1.1  - double feuilletage de sécurité en nombre variable,

  • Ventilation par ouvrant triangulaire ou buses

  • Couverture en ciment flex​  10mm de couleur au choix,

  • Chauffage par pellet

  • Quincaillerie inox


55 m2 of Geodesic Structure 


Geodesic  size 7 m  or 55 m2

  • Structure géodésique de fréquence 3 en sapin (50 x 70mm)

  • Connecteurs acier 4mm ,

  • Isolation 20 cm de terre crue,

  • Vitrage s - K1.1  - double feuilletage de sécurité

  • Etanchéité finale en ciment flex​ 


Various other possibilities: 

We master the development of our houses. 

Therefore, we design self constructed, eco, sun heated light houses of different type following private or collective needs.