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Eco Housing


We face an urgent situation because our way of living is not sustainable. And habitat is just an example : we need to change our living standards. Therefore Bioterra made long researches and tests in order to present its "best in class projects" based on 

1° Self construction,

2° Low impact on the environment to build and to live,

3° Use of a maximum local products (raw earth, wood, wool, hemp, recycling)

But for that, we have to mix personal spaces with communal needs (saloon, kitchen, dining place, warehouse, workplaces, bar, office, etc.)

Here-below are some example of our realization:


 20 to 30m2 of Geodesic Structure 


  • Structure géodésique  en  mix bois  & alu minim,

  • Connecteurs inox sur mesure,

  • Isolation 10 cm en laine de chanvre,

  • Vitrage s - K1.1  - double feuilletage de sécurité en nombre variable,

  • Ventilation par ouvrant triangulaire ou buses

  • Couverture en ciment flex​  10mm de couleur au choix,

  • Chauffage par pellet

  • Quincaillerie inox


55 m2 of Geodesic Structure 


  • Structure géodésique de fréquence 3 en sapin (50 x 70mm)

  • Connecteurs acier 4mm ,

  • Isolation 20 cm de terre crue,

  • Vitrage s - K1.1  - double feuilletage de sécurité

  • Etanchéité finale en ciment flex​ 


Various other designs: 

We made the architecture of many houses. 

Therefore, we design self constructed, eco, sun heated light houses of different types following private or collective needs.

Capture d’écran 2023-02-04 à 13.29_edited.jpg
Capture d’écran 2023-02-04 à 13.37.12.png
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