Geodesic Domes

A must for housing !

BioTerra a.i.s.b.l.  presents  "the housing of the third millennium".


The geodesic shape has been founded in 1949, by an american architect, inventor and writer R. Buckminster Fuller in 1949.  It is an assembly of plane triangles aiming to get closer to the sphere. 

During those 7 past years, BioTerra had pursued strong researches and various tests on this type of housing.

Its advantages are huge :


- its allows great adaptation and resistance to all kinds of climates or lands with various local possibilities. This construction is aiming to resist for years.

- it is a light house, economical and easy to build: mainly local materials (wood, earth, hemp, glass), without necessity of foundations, self-construction (2 to 3 weeks of work for 2 people for the structure) and can be relocated if necessary (95% of the dome is recoverable),


- it is an ecological, modern tiny house with infinite sizes: many possibilities of very trendy layout, bright by its many possible openings, perfect acoustics, easy to heat thanks to its reduced volume, possibilities of heating through large windows and very low impact on the environment (little cement, ecological materials).


All these qualities mean that we have an ideal habitat solution to propose.



Like any architectural firm, BioTerra brings its expertise to:


- The study of all the possibilities of construction according to the environment and the ideal location,

- Advice of the best suited dome for the environment (size, cover, windows, etc.),

- Technical drawings and plans,

- Budget calculation according to the choice of dimensions, opening, materials chosen,

- Provide all the necessary equipment,

- Construction subcontracting with qualified workers (min 2 people are dispatched on site),

- The reception of the dome and the construction's guarantee.

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